Warranty conditions



The guarantee is provided on the basis of the tax invoice, the guarantee certificate which must be correctly completed, of the product subject to the guarantee, together with a written mention of the defect. You must present the purchased object with all the accessories with which the product was delivered.

During the warranty period the manufacturer reserves the right to repair or replace the sub-assembly that proves to be defective.

The warranty covers only those defects that appear in the normal use of the product and does not apply to actions that do not comply with the instructions for use (mechanical impacts, scratches, exceeding the maximum allowed weight, etc.).

Maintenance and repairs within the warranty period are carried out by the eScaun.ro company.

The cost of sending the product under warranty to the service unit is borne by the buyer, our company bears the cost of sending the repaired product to the buyer.

The period for resolving the complaint from the date of notification is the one provided by law, the guarantee being extended by the duration of the product being repaired.

If the product cannot be repaired, it will be replaced with another product chosen by the buyer, with payment of the price difference.

If the buyer does not want another product, the amount paid for the product is returned to the customer, reduced in proportion to the number of months of product use during the 24 months of warranty. (eg: if the product has been used for 6 months, it is returned 6/24 = 75% of the amount initially paid).